Bangkok City Hall urges public not to litter Chao Phraya River


Bangkok – The Bangkok Metropolis Assembly (BMA) has launched a campaign urging residents along the Chao Phraya River not to litter or discharge waste matter into the river.

Officials from the BMA have also taken to boats to remove pests along the river as part of a landscaping renovation project prior to the nomination of the Chao Phraya River as one of 28 sites on the World Monuments Fund’s 2018 World Monuments Watch. The campaigners delivered campaign stickers to members of the general public and merchants in Wang Lang market and Wang Lang community in Bangkok Noi district.

“As a first step, we will pilot the project on the section between Phra Pinklao Bridge and Memorial Bridge. This pilot area is currently a special area free of water hyacinth, litter, and unwanted waste in the river. We will have to talk to villagers regarding wastewater. The problem is we currently have no treatment facilities, and all wastewater is discharged into the river,” said BMA official Paitoon Khumpharat.

The Assembly is planning to construct a waste water treatment facility in Thonburi to help overcome water pollution issues in the Chao Phraya River and adjoining canals. The facility will serve an area of 36.44 square kilometers, which will be used as a park to help improve the city environment.”