Bangkok Bank warns customers against defrauding SMS/email


BANGKOK, 14 April 2013  – The Bangkok Bank is warning its customers against SMS and e-mails that aim to defraud them by pretending to be messages from the bank, and asking the customers to download and install malware on their mobile devices or personal computers. The malware then steals access codes from the customer’s device, which are later used to withdraw money through the bank’s internet banking service. 

Bank customers are urged to refrain from clicking links sent via such SMS or downloading programs from untrustworthy sources. They should also avoid doing transactions through devices that have had the operating system modified and jailbroken devices.

The bank asserted it had no policy to send SMS or email to request installation of programs. Customers who received similar messages and those who already downloaded suspicious programs can contact bank staff around the clock. Siam Commercial Bank and Kasikorn Bank earlier gave out similar warnings to their clients.