Interior Ministry urges for stepped-up safety on all secondary roads


BANGKOK, 14 April 2013 – The Interior Ministry has urged all provincial governors to ensure safety of motorists on all secondary roads across the country during the Songkran holidays. 

Interior Minister Charupong Ruangsuwan, on Sunday, chaired a video conference with governors of all 76 provinces to discuss road safety operations during the Thai New Year holidays.

Mr. Charupong has urged all governors to particularly keep a watchful eye on all roads and to effectively prevent road accidents through regular coordination with respective district offices and with their neighboring provincial offices in setting up checkpoints along bordering areas.

He also advised every provincial office to share updated information on road accidents and to jointly plan preventive measures that involve public participation.

The Interior Minister noted that while the frequencies of accidents and the number of injured have noticeably come down, the number of fatalities appeared to rise. He remarked that each accident might be more violent and deadly than before.

In addition, Mr. Charupong has instructed all provincial governors to start paying attention to secondary roads after traffic on main roads and highways eased due to the fact that all who traveled for the Songkran holidays already reached their destinations.