Bang Kadi District, Pathum Thani, and its industrial park are completely flooded; officials rush to evacuate stranded people


BANGKOK, 21 October 2011  – Flood water has swamped Bang Kadi district in Pathum Thani province and its industrial park entirely, prompting officials to relocate stranded residents and workers immediately.

Officials are attempting to evacuate residents in villages and workers in Bang Kadi Industrial Park out of the affected area, after flood water breached the 4.50 metre-high embankment located near the Bang Kadi Industrial Park’s wastewater treatment zone and another flood dyke near Nidec Electronics Co. Ltd. A huge amount of water burst into factories inside the Bang Kadi Industrial Park last night, leaving 2-3 metres high of water in the area. Moreover, the areas surrounding the industrial park, Tiwanon Road, a nearby road under construction and another road parallel to Rangsit Canal have already been flooded. The industrial park’s officers, citizens and soldiers have to use large boats and large automobiles to evacuate people as small vehicles are unable to access.

So far, a lot of flood-affected residents in many villages in Bang Kadi district, Pathum Thani province, have not yet managed to get out of the areas while many denied moving out despite lack of food and water supplies. Furthermore, officials are still in need of many more boats to help relocate people.