Automated postbox helps air travelers with banned items


BANGKOK – Thailand Post has introduced automated postbox service (APM) to facilitate air travelers at airports to send away any items prohibited from being carried on board.

Thailand Post President Smorn Terdthumpiboon said Thailand Post provides the new post services such as the introduction of APM machines which allow the general public to deposit items and to send them to addresses in Thailand and other countries by post.

She said the innovation can help air travelers who might carry with them any items banned aboard airliners.

APM machines have been installed at Suvarnabhumi airport’s departure hall on the fourth floor before the west outbound immigration zone, and at the end of check-in counters D, M, T, B. Users can deposit items weighing not exceeding 500 grams per package, select delivery destination, and pay for the service at the machine. Users must enter their citizen ID number or passport number at the machine to identify themselves. Prohibited items include sharp items with or without protection, explosives, live animals, pressurized items, and flammable items.

The Thailand Post president added the new service is considered an upgraded one towards being a postal service provider in digital age through innovations aimed to provide users with better services.