Digital Economy Minister eases worries about Facebook likes


BANGKOK– The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society has allayed public concern over Facebook comments, saying internet users can still ‘like’ or share posts, so long as they respect other people’s rights.

The statement was issued after reports of a police sergeant liking a clip shared on Facebook, in which a police captain criticizes a police major general. The clip prompted the latter to file a defamation lawsuit against the police captain.

Chonburi Provincial Police has issued a summons, asking the sergeant to be a witness to the case. The incident has sparked public concern about people’s rights, following the promulgation of the 2017 Computer Crime Act.

In response, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Digital Economy and Society, Group Captain Somsak Kaosuwan, explained that the law does not necessarily consider anyone who likes or shares sensitive content in violation of the act, but that such actions must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

However, Group Captain Somsak disclosed that previous defamation cases involving the use of social media were found in violation of the Computer Crime Act. He asserted that the public may still express their opinions via online channels, provided that their comments do not infringe on other people’s rights or break any laws.