Air monitoring application launched for Chiang Mai residents


CHIANG MAI, Jan 16 (TNA) – Chiang Mai province has launched an application, AirCMI to provide data on the dust particle levels in the province, so local residents can access information and protect themselves from the fine particulate matter.


Under cooperation of local authorities and agencies, concerned such as the Pollution Control Department, the Meteorological Department and Chiang Mai University, the application provides the information about air quality, measured at several air monitoring stations and forecast of the haze situation in this northern province.

Local authorities have reinforced surveillance for vulnerable groups of more than 530,000 people.

Most of them or 400,000 people are the elderly. The rest are pregnant women, patients with respiratory and heart diseases.

However, there has been no report of increasing number of patients, seeking medical treatment from the toxic particulate matter.

Chiang Mai’s public health office has sought 500,000 face masks for distribution to people in affected areas. (TNA)