5 million baht worth of fake and smuggled liquor seized


About five million baht worth of smuggled and fake liquor were seized by Department of Special Investigation officials in 12 coordinated raids of warehouses in Bangkok recently.


DSI director-general Pol Col Paisit Charoenmuang disclosed that officials seized altogether 2,761 bottles of liquor of which 2,307 were smuggled authentic liquor and the rest fake liquor, also smuggled into the country from a neighbouring country.

He said that the packaging of the fake liquor looks so authentic that it is almost impossible for buyers to distinguish fake from authentic liquor.


He alleged that the store-owner who owns the seized liquor has been in liquor selling business for about 30 years in the Sao Chingcha area. But besides the authentic liquor which is displayed on the shelves in the store, he said that the store also sold smuggled and fake liquor.