Campaign launched to urge every Thai to eat 300 eggs a year


A campaign is being launched to urge every Thai national to increase his or her chicken egg intake to 300 eggs per annum by the year 2018.

Spearheading the campaign under the slogan “Eat Egg Everyday. Put Egg In Everything We Eat” is the Association of Chicken Egg Producers, Traders and Exporters.

The association president Mr Mongkol Pipatsatayawong said that while an average Thai eats 220 chicken eggs a year compared to 340 eggs by a Chinese, 330 eggs by a Japanese, 300 eggs by a Malaysian and 290 eggs by an American.


At present, Thailand produces about 15,500 million chicken eggs worth about 50 billion baht a year while domestic egg consumption increases an average of four percent a year in the past ten years.

Mr Mongkol noted that egg prices fluctuate all the times depending on production, resulting in several egg chicken raisers going bankrupt from heavy losses when the prices fell rockbottom.

He said that if Thais eat more chicken eggs – up to 300 eggs a year each – it will help stabilize egg prices which, in turn, will help chicken raisers.

Egg prices have become more stable since March with price averaging 3.20 baht per egg while cost is about 2.90 baht. He is optimistic there won’t be an oversupply this year.

Meanwhile, Mr Sombat Thiratrakulchai, president of livestock sector of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, citing a research by Harvard University, said that eating an egg a day will not result in the narrowing of cardiac artillery.