3 magnitude quake reported in Chiang Mai


CHIANG MAI, 25 May 2011 -A 3 magnitude earth quake has been reported this morning in Chiang Mai with the epicenter situated between Galyani Vadhana and Samoeng districts. Residents of Ban Pang Toeng said they could feel the tremor at 5.00 hours while the authority had reported the incident at 11.00 hours. 

The Emergency service in Chiang Mai has carried out an investigation into the report where the epicenter is located. Both sheriffs from both district claimed to have not felt any movements. No damages have been reported so far due to the geographical area of quake which consists of mostly bushes.

Chiang Mai is situated on the 3 fault lines including Mae Chan, Mae On and Mae Tha. The province already has the emergency plan in place and has carried out the drill many times in the past. Residents have been informed how to deal with earthquakes and to spot signs that lead to such an occurrence.