Energy Ministry addressing the need to complete LGV installation for taxis


BANGKOK, 25 May 2011 -Energy Minister MD Wannarat Charnukul has told the Permanent Secretary to act quickly on facilitating taxi drivers who are modifying their tank from originally LPG enhanced engine to LGV after the importer of new equipments has terminated the contract. 

After the importing company, Auto Pan, who had successfully bid for the contract with the Ministry of Energy to bring LGV enhanced auto engines from overseas, is no longer the provider, MD. Wannarat says it is now known at this point how long it will take for the installation for taxis to complete.

However, he said he would consider negotiating with the second bidder in this contract. He added that the Ministry had a budget of 1.2 billion THB for this project to modify 30,000 taxis and since this was the work of Mr. Abhisit Vejjiva’s government, no financial matters would be carried on to the next government, in order not to create any financial obstacles for taxi operators.