3 drug smugglers arrested in Saraburi with 600,000 meth pills


BANGKOK, 4 June 2013 The police have made an arrest of 3 drug smugglers in Saraburi Province along with almost 600,000 tablets of methamphetamine after a high-speed chase. 

According to the police, the arrest came after they received an intelligence report that suspected drug couriers were heading from the northern province of Chiang Rai to Bangkok. When the police found the suspected car and tried to stop it, the car speeded away. After a period of chasing, the suspected car crashed into a police car, causing an injury to a cop. The police then fired at one of the car tires forcing the car to stop.

At the scene, the police arrested three men together with 3 fertilizer bags packed with nearly 600,000 methamphetamine pills. One of the smugglers was shot in the leg by the police while trying to get away.