Dog rescues newborn baby abandoned by mother


BANGKOK, 4 June 2013 A dog named “Pui” in Ayutthaya Province has saved the life of a newborn baby after she was abandoned in a trash pile on the roadside .

The newborn girl, wrapped in a white plastic back, was on a pile of garbage on the side of a road when a 2-year-old Thai Bangkaew dog found her. The dog then carried the bag back to where his home and barked for attention from his owner. After hearing Pui’s barking, a 12-year-old girl rushed downstairs and found out that Pui had brought back a baby. She was shocked and ran to her mother for help. The baby was, right away, admitted to a hospital nearby.

According to the doctor, the 2.2 kilo baby girl was born prematurely, at about 7 and a half months of pregnancy. The umbilical cord had not yet been cut when the baby was taken to the hospital.

For his good deed, Pui has been awarded with a leather collar and a medal as a token of appreciation, while his owner received 10,000 baht reward for Pui’s action.