2 centenarians found in municipality home to several dozen almost-centenarians


NAKHON RATCHASIMA, 24 April 2013 Two centenarians have been found living in good health in Mueang district of Nakhon Ratchasima among dozens of people aged close to a century who also live in the same municipality. 

The older of the two grannies is 105-year-old Mrs. Nim Runmai, who lives in Ban Makhamkhu of Ban Mai sub-district. Mrs. Nim can walk about freely on her own but her vision and hearing have declined significantly. Her husband and all her children having already passed away, she is cared for by her great grandchildren. Citizen records indicate she was born in 1908. Asked about tips for longevity, Mrs. Nim said she frequently prays, eats chilli paste with boiled vegetables and bananas, and chews on betel nuts every day.

The ‘younger’ of the two, 103-year-old Fak Krathinmai, also lives in Ban Makhamthao. Mrs. Fak, who is relatively healthy despite having some difficulty moving about, currently lives with her daughter. She was born in 1910. Asked about longevity tips, she said she eats vegetables and chilli paste every day.

Samruai Chunko, the mayor of Ban Mai municipality, revealed there is a large number of long-lived people who are still healthy in Ban Mai sub-district. Several dozen people here are over 90 years old. Having visited the elderly, she found that their longevity tips invariably involve consumption of chilli paste with toxic-free fresh or boiled vegetables.

Ban Mai municipality dispatches health officials to visit the almost-centenarians and the two centenarians every month. It is also planning to arrange an acitivity that will allow the elderly to meet up every week.