12,000 Lottery vendors reserve tickets first day


BANGKOK, 16 September 2015 – About 12,000 lottery vendors reserved their tickets at various branches of Krung Thai Bank on Tuesday, the first day the Government Lottery Office (GLO) implemented the new lottery allotment system.

Under the new rule, each vendor can reserve lottery tickets in advance by registering at any branch of Krung Thai Bank or registering online at www.glo.or.th. Each individual is entitled to reserve between 5 to 50 books of tickets.

According to the GLO Director, Maj. Gen. Chalongrat Nark-Arthit, the new system will eliminate distributors, who have long been the root of the overpriced tickets. He said this approach would allow ticket retailers to get their hands on the tickets themselves.

As many as 12,000 vendors registered to reserve the lottery tickets by 11 AM on Tuesday, 4,000 of whom did it online, said the Director.

Maj. Gen. Chalongrat also expected all of the 10,000 books of tickets for the October 16th cycle to be sold out rapidly. The GLO Director said about 9 million books of tickets, worth roughly about 3.7 billion baht, will be available for booking ahead of the November 1st cycle