Vamco depression enters Thailand, weakens to thunderstorm


BANGKOK, 16 September 2015  – Vamco tropical depression entered Thailand last night and has weakened to clusters of thunderstorms. Residents in northeastern regions are warned of flash floods.

The warning was issued by the national weather agency, Meteorological Department, which stated Vamco left Laos for Thailand through Ubon Ratchathani province late Tuesday morning. The storm moved to Surin, Buriram, Nakhon Ratchasima, Si Sa Ket, and Sa Kaeo, before loosing momentum and became a cluster of thunderstorm this morning.

The storm cause heavy rains along its path. Residents in the aforementioned areas, as well as those in the eastern region and lower part of the central region, are warned of harsh weather conditions with possibility of flash floods.

Bangkok and its vicinity have already been hit with precipitation earlier today. Motorists are urged to plan their travel in advance and follow road safety measures closely.