Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers

Dave, Scotty, Phin and Sandy.
Dave, Scotty, Phin and Sandy.

PSC Golf from Billabong

There were many players at Burapha on Friday, November 15 with both C and D loops and A and B full. There were many 5 balls out there which made for a slower day than usual. However, it was still only 4 and a ฝ hours, and should not be taken too seriously at this time of the year. I think we are spoiled by the low season when we get 3 hour rounds.

The course was in great condition as usual. The greens have recently been sanded very lightly but it didn’t make any difference to the scoring from most of the golfers. The weather at this time of the year makes playing golf an absolute pleasure as the temperature and clear skies make for a good day out. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers rather than try to race around the golf course to get to the nearest bar, they do sell drinks on the course just try to be patient.

We said goodbye to the Geralton lads today who are on their way home to work. Safe travelling lads, see you next time.

The scoring was quite good with there being a three way count back for the minor placings, all on 35 points. Sandy Chapo took 4th spot, Dave Woledge took 3rd and Bill Peach missed out. Sorry mate, it got down to the last 6 holes and you didn’t quite get there. Scotty Baumgarten took second with a handicap matching 36 points and Miss Phin finally got the flat stick to work and took 1st with a fine 38 points off her 10 handicap.

There were 5 twos coming from Miss Sasicha, Miss May, Gary Ritchie, Sandy Chapo and Dave Woledge.