Pattaya Sports Club Mabprachan Golf Society Report Mar. 7-9

Seamus O’Connor and Mike Gordon Vroom winners at Emerald Golf Course.

Tuesday 7th March 2023
Emerald Golf Course
1st Seamus O’Connor (23) – 34 points
2nd Max Gordon Vroom (40) – 31 points

A nice day at the Emerald Golf Course though it was overcast. It is always a challenging course for us. The conditions were good, but we struggled around. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the day.

Seamus O’Connor was the most consistent player and won with 34 stableford points. Mike Malott and Willem Lasonder fought for the second place. Mike had 31 points, beating Willem on the count back.
The near pins were for Bob Edwards, Sam Gettinby and Seamus Oconnor.

Allan Cassin and John Feeney winners at Plutaluang Golf Course.

Thursday 9 March 2023
Plutaluang Golf Course
1st Allan Cassin (16) – 41 points
2nd John Feeney (23) – 33 points

We played the North & West loop today. This loop with the light house par 3 is always challenging, especially if you have a bit of strong wind. The course was in good condition. Some tee boxes and also some greens had too much sand. The speed on the green was varying, which made putting difficult.

One man in our midst had no problems and played a very good round, Allan Cassin with 41 stableford points. John Feeney was a distant runner up with 33 stable ford points.

The near pins were for Bob Edwards, Seamus O’Connor, John Feeney and Sam Gettinby.