Pattaya Sports Club Bunker Boys Golf Report June 5-7-9

Kob Glover, winner at Treasure Hill Golf Course, Craig Dows, winner at Burapha Golf Course and Gerry Cooney, winner at Eastern Star Golf Course.

Monday, June 5
Treasure Hill Golf Course
1st Kob Glover (14) 33 points
2nd Lee Jay (30) 32 points
3rd Niall Glover (13) 32 points
Near pins Niall Glover, & Kob Glover X 2.

Another day when it looked like we were in for a soaking, in fact, it had been raining at the course prior to our arrival, fortunately once again the weather gods smiled on us and we stayed dry. An unusual check-in at the course where we were advised that the all-in fee was sixteen hundred baht, but if we waited till 10.30 we could get a two hundred baht discount. Finally, some senior person in the office advised that if we purchased vouchers the all-in fee would be twelve hundred and fifty baht, as one might expect we jumped at that offer.

There is never a time when Treasure Hill is easy and today was no different with very low scores the order of the day. Following on from her success in winning golfer of the month last month Kob Glover continued to set the pace taking first place with thirty-three points as well as taking two near pins. Lee Jay, a visitor from Korea took second place on countback from Niall Glover with twenty-three points on the back nine. Niall got the remaining near pin with one unclaimed Now that Robby Watts is back this week with his new hip, and a new swing to go with it so we can expect that at least someone will get a decent score at Treasure Hill, only once has Robby had less than thirty-six there.

The quote of the day came from Jimmy Carr. Playing sixes one of his opponents hit a very poor put which missed by some distance, allowing Jimmy and his partner to win that six. Consoling his opponent Jimmy remarked that “every shot always makes someone happy”.

Wednesday, June 7
Burapha C & D Golf Course
1st Craig Dows (4) 41 points.
2nd Alan Sullivan (14) 38 points
3rd Mike Smith (19) 37 points
Near pins Jimmy Carr, Kob Glover & Michael Brett X 2.

In the space of seven days, we were back at Burapha again playing the same C & D nines. There were two other societies playing at the same time so the course was crowded, nevertheless, the game was played at a decent pace with no holdups.

The day was cool and overcast with a stiff breeze blowing which rarely seemed to favour us, it’s peculiar how the wind seems to be mostly in your face. The course was in decent shape again although the greens were slow and could have done with a haircut.

Despite losing distance and being outdriven from the tee several times Craig Dows still had enough to put together a super round of forty-one to take first place, a round that contained four birdies. Alan Sullivan off a generous fourteen handicap for him took second place with thirty-eight points with Mike Smith on thirty-seven beating Niall Glover on countback for third. Near pins went to Jimmy Carr, Kob Glover, and two to Michael Brett.

A number of Bunker Boys are avoiding golf lately, the list includes, Tony Robbins, Kevin LeBar, Geoff Atwell, Billy Shepley, Gary Smith, and now to be joined by Jimmy Carr who sustained a groin strain recently and has to take time out to rest and recover, get better soon Jimmy, we need you back on the course.

Friday, June 9
Eastern Star Golf Course
1st Gerry Cooney (22) 31 points
2nd Kob Glover (14) 31 points
3rd Sam Gershon (16) 29 points
4th David Prior (19) 29 points
Near pins. Kob Glover & Gerry Cooney X 2.

Some serious rain fell at Eastern Star prior to our arrival, bunkers were flooded, casual water was on several fairways and mudballs were common. Adding to the difficulty the usual breeze was blowing and at different times from different directions. Anyone in a bunker faced a real challenge trying to get out with wet hard-packed sand making it impossible to get under the ball. All in all the course was more difficult today than normal.

A general malaise seemed to hang over the group with nobody able to excel and scores were amongst the lowest we have seen for some time. Despite a field of nineteen, our biggest for a while nobody but Gerry Cooney and Kob Glover were able to breach the thirty-point mark, both with a lowly thirty-one and placed as listed. Five players were tied on twenty-nine points but only two made it into the winner’s circle on countback. For the third time this week one golfer took two near pins, today it was the turn of  Gerry Cooney,  Kob Glover took the other with the final pin unclaimed.

Courses are now looking much fresher after recent rain, so far we have managed to stay dry during play, it just seems a matter of time before we get our first drenching of the rainy season

Eastern Star was once the most difficult course to deal with constant disputes regarding bookings, green fees, etc, it feels like they have turned over a new leaf as they are now one of the more pleasant to deal with and also better value than before, long may it remain so.