Pattaya Sports Club Bunker Boys Golf Report Feb 27-Mar 1-3

February golfer of the month Geoff Parker, Mike Smith, winner at Green Valley and Paul Smith, winner at Pattavia.

Monday, February 27
Eastern Star Golf Course
1st Kob Glover (17) 39 points
2nd Raleigh Gosney (21) 34 points
3rd Ross Schiffke (21) 34 points
4th Keith Hemmings (25) 33 points
5th Michael Brett (17) 32 points
Near pins Paul McDonald, Paul Smith, Frazer Davy, & Michael Brett

A very warm but windy day at Eastern Star for the last game of February where a field of twenty-six participated. The wind made for tricky conditions with a high number of balls finding a watery grave, resulting in overall low scores.

Someone who had no trouble with the conditions today was Kob Glover who took first place with a very well-compiled score of thirty-nine points with daylight to second place. Despite dropping five strokes to handicap over the last twelve months Kob has no trouble keeping up with the pace and may indeed lose some more strokes if this form continues. Raleigh Gosney found some good form to take second place on countback from Ross Schiffke who surprised himself with a decent score after a two-month layoff due to an arm injury. Raleigh was particularly pleased with his game today and celebrated appropriately back at the bar. Another who was playing particularly well was Keith Hemmings until he suffered a groin strain and struggled to finish with thirty-three points in fourth place. The final spot on the winner’s list went to Michael Brett with thirty-two points. All the near pins were taken with one each to Paul McDonald, Paul Smith, Frazer Davy, and Michael Brett.

As always on the last game of the month it was time to find the golfer of the month and to everyone’s surprise, including himself it was Geoff Parker who rolled back the clock almost four years to take it with distance to second, was this just a flash in the pan or will he continue this good run of form?

People are reminded to get their names in to Neil Glover for the Songkran trip to Ayutthaya, details have already been sent out and this should be a very good trip to a new venue for us, one that has already been scoped out by a group earlier this month with very favourable reviews.

Wednesday, March 1
Green Valley Golf Course
1st Mike Smith (19) 40 points
2nd Paul Smith (5) 36 points
3rd Brett Chan (18) 36 points
4th Geoff Parker (20) 36 points
5th Gary Smith (10) 36 points
Near pins Kob Glover, Brett Chan, Paul Smith, & Michael Brett.

Another slow day at Green Valley where once again there was a long wait for caddies, three of the last group began their round without caddies who caught up on the second tee. A very hot day again with fatigue taking its toll on walkers. Another drawback of the high season apart from the slow rounds and high pricing is that late in the day there is no hot water in the showers and the liquid soap and shampoo have most likely run out, shampoo is not a problem for most who are follically challenged.

Apart from today’s winner Mike Smith with an excellent forty points, the rest of the winners were all grouped together on thirty-six and placed as above on countback, notably, all the Smiths were included. In a very welcome change from our last two visits where nobody was able to claim a near pin on the third par three, today somebody finally did, near pins went to Brett Chan, Paul Smith, Kob Glover, and Michael Brett.

Last game of this trip for Sean Murphy and Graeme Mullins departing our shores with Neil Jones to play his last game of this tour on Friday.

We understand one of the Bunker Boy’s long-standing members and one of the wittiest and most popular, Ken Elmore is about to go under the knife shortly for some major surgery, I know I speak for everyone at the Bunker who wish Ken a successful operation and a speedy recovery, we all want to see Ken back in Pattaya again fit and well and playing golf again. In a prolonged struggle with this particular condition, Ken has shown great fortitude and fighting spirit and deserves to win this battle.

Friday, March 3
Pattavia Golf Course
1st Paul Smith (5) 39 points
2nd Danny Miller (11) 38 points
3rd Brett Chan (18) 35 points
4th Gerry Swali (19) 35 points
5th Bob Mulholland (5) 34 points
Near pins Geoff Williams, Dave Cadwallader, Roger Tuohy, & Paul Smith.

Curiously despite being rock hard with endless run on the fairways and greens so quick it’s like putting on lino Pattavia is a favourite course for several Bunker Boys. Not quite the same conditions as the last visit, this day they slowed down the greens by letting the grass grow and a bit of watering, not quite the lottery of last time. Another very hot day, so the walkers suffered, keeping fluids up was essential, dehydration sets in very quickly and if you wait till you are thirsty to drink, then it’s already too late.

Playing off scratch about two months ago and now off five, Paul Smith took first place with thirty-nine points, what is going on here? Danny Miller came second a stroke back with thirty-eight points. Brett Chan and Gerry Swali were locked together on thirty-five points and placed as listed. Bob Mulholland completed the winner’s list with thirty-four points. Dave Cadwallader got a near pin as usual, same for Paul Smith, the other two went to Geoff Williams and Roger Tuohy.

Next Monday’s game at Greenwood being a Buddha day is at holiday rates, with Wednesday at Eastern Star and a return to Pattana on Friday after months away due to overpricing, still not cheap but better than before, it is hoped that now courses will start to return to more realistic.