Niels nails a hole in one


PSC golf from The Cafe Kronborg

Monday, Feb. 21, Pleasant Valley –– Stableford

Thirty-nine golfers headed off for the day’s play in high spirits and the first group, teeing off the white markers, completed their journey round in four hours and fifteen minutes.

The weather was warm, the course in excellent condition and the greens slowly paced.

Prior to tee off Martyn Topham commented that as he has been through more putters than a Tour De France rider has bicycle tyres he was looking forward to an improved effort with the flat stick today.  Time would tell.

In the A flight Martin Todd handed in an impressive forty two points to stand atop the podium while Mike Allidi finished second with thirty seven points and Monte Sykes and Rob Brown on the same score filled third and fourth places respectively.

Martin Todd, Dave Richardson & Peter Hammond were all winners at Pleasant Valley.Martin Todd, Dave Richardson & Peter Hammond were all winners at Pleasant Valley.

In the B flight Peter Hammond scored a great forty three points to easily take the flight from three players on thirty nine points; Ken Bernek, Stu Rifkin and Mike Winfield.

C Flight saw Dave Richardson once again show the way with a classy forty points to finish ahead of Martyn Topham on thirty seven, whilst Graham Buckingham and Brian Noguer filled the minor places.

We welcomed Kevin Callaghan from Australia and Agnes Sigurrons and Johannes Jonsson from Iceland.

A Flight (0–13)

1st Martin Todd (8) 42pts

2nd Mike Allidi (2) 37pts

3rd Monte Sykes (6) 37pts

4th Rob Brown (7) 37pts

B Flight (14–21)

1st Peter Hammond (21) 43pts

2nd Ken Bernek (18) 39pts

3rd Stu Rifkin (15) 39pts

4th Mike Winfield (21) 39pts

C Flight (22+)

1st Dave Richardson (22) 40pts

2nd Martyn Topham (30) 37pts

3rd Graham Buckingham (23) 36pts

4th Brian Noguer (23) 35pts

Near Pins:  Takeshi Hakozaki, Rob Brown, Niels Hansen and Ulla Ravn.

Long Putts:  Martin Todd and Don Richardson.

The Coveted Compass Cap was won by Richard Kubicki on a count-back, who twelve months ago stated, “I will never win this award.”  Golf lends itself to sneaking up and kicking you when least expected.

A huge thanks goes to Bill Plath for his magnificent gesture where he matched donations by the troops for the day to Deefa, which saw 2000 baht raised for charity.  Bill is heading back to the United States shortly for twelve months to catch up with friends and relatives.  Hurry back soon mate as we will miss your smiling face.

Thursday, Feb. 24, Greenwood – Stableford

Thirty golfers headed off for the day’s activities and the first group teed off at 1000 hours and finished in the smart time of four hours flat.  The course was in great condition, the weather warm and the greens were slow.

Hole in one man Niels Hansen.Hole in one man Niels Hansen.

The highlight of the day was Niels Hansen’s hole in one on the second on the B nine.  Two aces in eleven days confirms that the Cafe’ Kronborg is presently the premier golfing outlet in Pattaya if you want to score that elusive hole in one.

In the A flight ‘Mr. Consistency’ Rob Brown shot a seventy three off the rod for forty two points to stand atop the podium.  In second place was Niels Hansen with forty points followed by Mike Gosden, Doug Maiko and Wayne Harman all on thirty seven.

In the B flight Dr Brian Vale with thirty seven points relegated Mike Winfield on the same score to second place.  Mike Herridge handed in thirty six points to place third and Kjeld Ravn and Leif Kirkegaard rounded out the flight both scoring thirty three each.

The 63rd best scrabble player in the world Graham Buckingham didn’t feature today.

A Flight (0–20)

1st Rob Brown (7) 42pts

2nd Niels Hansen (15) 40pts

3rd Mike Gosden (11) 37pts

4th Doug Maiko (15) 37pts

5th Wayne Harman (17) 37pts

B Flight 21+

1st Dr Brian Vale (23) 37pts

2nd Mike Winfield (21) 37pts

3rd Mike Herridge (24) 36pts

4th Kjeld Ravn (22) 33pts

5th Leif Kirkegaard (21) 33pts

Near Pins:  Niels Hansen, Kjeld Ravn, Niels Hansen, Mike Herridge.

Long Putts:  Dave Richardson and Mike Gosden.

Deefa once again gleefully accepted the donations of the gathered throng for our charity project. It appears that the Coveted Compass Cap has expired, however who knows as it may rise from the dead in the future.