Millar clan enjoys a successful outing


PSC golf from The Three Sisters Bar

Well, it happened again!  It was all in the family for the month ending get-together of the Three Sister’s golf group.  Dale and Poottida were not here to challenge the winners but Vance Millar and Matt Millar, father and son, made it to the podium for the day.  Both had 36 points as the young Millar squeaked past his father on the back nine.  Matt came in with 19 points and his father had 18.  The rest of the field did not do much and will be waiting to take revenge next week

It was a nice cool day as the cloud cover kept the heat down and the greens were in great shape. Due the early start, everyone beat the rains which came just as the last group finished.

Vance and Matt Millar. Vance and Matt Millar.