Golf Tips: Buying Golf Clubs


Golf is a unique game in that it combines relaxation and competition, and creates the ultimate addictive game. You begin the game leisurely putting along and then begin to take the game seriously. If you truly want to take the game seriously there are some things you will need to do, starting with buying the ultimate golf clubs, the following are some tips to get you started.

Custom Clubs

The nice thing about buying golf clubs is that they can be custom fit to your specifications. It is all in the measurements. To make proper adjustments you should begin with your height and the measurement from the wrist to the floor.

The general height of a player is approximately 5 foot 2 inches and the wrist to floor length is about 34 inches. For the average player standard length clubs are perfect. However if you are significantly shorter or taller you may want to consult a golf club professional to get the optimum size club.

Testing your swing speed is probably a good idea also. Men will generally swing the club at about 75-84 miles per hour making a 5 or 6 irons the optimum club. For the ladies an average swing speed is closer to 60 miles per hour meaning a 3 iron or wood would be the best.

Most players that are of average height will not need to use custom-made golf clubs. Save yourself some money and stick with standard unless you are quite a bit taller or shorter. The right size club will give you the best accuracy and distance per swing.