Frenchman Chris beats George on countback at Pattaya Golf Club

Chris Alanices has been playing plenty of golf while on a short stay in Thailand and shown some good form, and on Wednesday he earned his first ever win at Links Golf.

Pattaya Links Golf Society
Wed. June 2
Pattaya Golf & Country Club

It’s been about nineteen months since Links Golf last played at Pattaya Country Club. At that time, many players around Pattaya thought it fun to describe the course as ‘a goat track’. Certainly, although a swag of money had been spent on the superb clubhouse, the actual course seemed to miss out.

Upon arrival on this day, and looking out to the ninth and eighteenth fairways, that description can now be retired, as the obvious amount of work that has been done has paid off handsomely.

A number of fairways have been renovated and all are well grassed and tended. The talking point used to be the greens. These greens, on both nines, are in terrific condition and playing as well as any around our area.

So, with a course in such good condition, we had some very good scores presented. Some players who had been down on form were able to get back to their best.

The two top scores of 38 points had to be separated by countback, and guess who lost the countback? Yes, George lost another one.

Frenchman Chris Alanices has been playing plenty of golf while on a short stay in Thailand and shown some good form, without winning. Wednesday was his day to just sneak into his first ever win at Links Golf.

Now that Paul Anderson has come out of his slump, the good scores are coming. A fine 37 points took him to third place.

‘Banjo’ Bannister has been playing a little more regularly and a handicap equaling 36 points had him in fourth spot, also by way of a countback over Dave McKey.

Winners at Pattaya Country Club

1st Place – Chris Alanices (24) – 38 pts c/back
2nd Place – George Mueller (16) – 38 pts
3rd Place – Paul Anderson (21) – 37 pts
4th Place – Banjo Bannister (15) – 36 pts c/back
Best Front Nine (non winners) John Chelo 20 pts
Best Back Nine (non winners) John Gray 20 pts

The course was very busy with at least three Pattaya/Jomtien societies and a group of members all teeing off between 10.00 am and 11.00 am with, reportedly, many more customers to come later.

The sky remained cloudy for the whole round, and later some thunder and an odd flash of lightning, but everyone stayed dry.

After we had some issues regarding our tee time, which we had booked well in advance, all was sorted without drama and our first group teed off 10 minutes earlier than our ‘new’ tee time.