Dave Stockman gets the job done at Green Valley Golf Club

Winner, Dave Stockman looking very relaxed after the round.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society
Wednesday, July 14
Rayong Green Valley

Standing on the twelfth tee at Green Valley on this Wednesday morning and taking a look behind, in the direction of Pattaya, the whole scene was painted a very black colour, with some lightning flashes adding contrast.

We feared that this was going to be a big, and wet storm so we were scoping out for the nearest shelter.

However, in an anti-climax, the only thing to happen was that the system moved away from the golf course without a drop of moisture. This was really a case of ‘did we dodge a bullet?’

Back to the golf. This course is in the best condition we can remember. The fairways are nicely cut and looking fantastic, allowing the ball to sit up ready to be hit. The greens have had some sanding which has almost all settled in so they are rolling at good pace and running truly. The first cut of rough is fair and playable, but stay away from further in.

Dave Stockman was our lowest handicapped player this day and, in a rare but welcome visit to Links, played the course in style to record a winning score of 38 points.

Dan Krohn wandered into Links a couple of weeks ago and Phil invited him to play with us. He has played before and also had worked as a caddie in the U.S.A. After not playing for some time, he has had a couple of hit outs and found some form to score 37 points and take second place on countback.

Mike Tottenham, who has lowered his handicap yet again, once more was in the placings with his 37 points after losing that countback.

Bobby Jeffords Jr., another of our newcomers, also from the U.S.A, had a handicap equaling score of 36 points to take fourth place after winning a countback over John Chelo.

Winners at Green Valley

1st Place – Dave Stockman (8) – 38 pts
2nd Place – Dan Krohn (24) – 37 pts c/back
3rd Place – Mike Tottenham (15) – 37 pts
4th Place – Bobby Jeffords Jr. (15) – 36 pts c/back
Best Front Nine (non winners) – Nigel Henson – 20 pts c/back
Best Back Nine (non winners) – John Chelo – 17 pts

After a very low turnout for our game at the start of the week, it was pleasing to have a field of 15 golfers come to Green Valley, and have us scratching our heads in wonder.

The good price here of 1500 baht includes vouchers for two hundred baht worth of food or drink purchases, so not a bad deal to play a golf course in such terrific condition.