Bunker Boys tee off October’s finale with golf triumphs and heartfelt wishes

Ross Schiffke, winner at Bangphra Golf Course., Kob Glover, winner at Khao Kheow Golf Course and Brendan Harnett, winner at Pattavia Golf Course.

Monday, October 30 Bangphra Golf Course
The last game of October at Bangphra Golf Course saw a turnout of twenty golfers anticipating changes with the onset of high season and the implementation of adjusted prices. The challenge ahead is to maintain quality courses at value-for-money pricing, and it’s expected that there will be a reduction in variety.

Despite a surprisingly quiet day at Bangphra with lower numbers initially, late tee times led to increased activity, making the course busier by the close of play. Scoring trended lower due to the course playing particularly long, but, apart from the bunkers, the course was in fine condition.

Ross Schiffke, just back from an extended spell down under, secured the first-place position on countback from the consistent Jimmy Carr. Roger Tuohy claimed third place with thirty-one points, while a countback decided the fourth and fifth positions between Stuart Stammers and Neil Jones. Near pins were claimed by Paul Smith, Roger Tuohy, Craig Dows, and Gary Bright. Niall Glover, leading from the beginning of the month, secured the Golfer of the Month title, outperforming Craig Dows.

The weather played along, providing a pleasant day despite moments that hinted at impending rain and thunder. Fortunately, the group escaped until the drive back to Pattaya. The report ended with a heartfelt note, announcing that longstanding member Ken Elmore is about to undergo major surgery in the UK. The Bunker Boys collectively wished Ken a successful surgery and a speedy return to good health.

Ross Schiffke (23) – 34 points
Jimmy Carr (20) – 34 points
Roger Tuohy (15) – 31 points
Stuart Stammers (8) – 29 points
Neil Jones (22) – 29 points
Near pins: Paul Smith, Roger Tuohy, Craig Dows, & Gary Bright.

Wednesday, November 1 Khao Kheow B & C Golf Course
The turnout halved for the game at Khao Kheow, allocated the B & C nines. Soft conditions led to longer play, resulting in lower scores. Roger Tuohy, in an embarrassed manner, secured third place, while the Glovers dominated the leaderboard, with Niall in second and Kob taking the top spot. Near pins were mostly claimed by Kob.

Kob Glover (14) – 34 points
Niall Glover (12) – 32 points
Roger Tuohy (15) – 26 points
Near pins: Sam Gershon & Kob Glover X 2.

Friday, November 3 Pattavia Golf Course
The week concluded at Pattavia Golf Course with a record turnout of twenty-three players. Brendan Harnett, in his first game since arriving, claimed first place, with Craig Dows securing second. Near pins were taken by Paul Smith, Sam Gershon, Brendan Harnett, and Michael Brett.

Brendan Harnett (15) – 34 points
Craig Dows (5) – 33 points
Kob Glover (14) – 31 points
Niall Glover (12) – 31 points
Tom McMurray (16) – 31 points
Near pins: Paul Smith, Brendan Harnett, Sam Gershon, & Michael Brett.