A bonanza week for Bramley


Golf from The Travellers Rest

Monday, Feb. 4, Treasure Hill – Stableford

Div. 1

1st Mike Smith (8) 31pts

2nd Rick Schramm (8) 30pts

3rd Neil Bramley (8) 30pts

Div. 2

1st Reg Glass (15) 31pts

2nd Ian Hunt (17) 29pts

3rd Brendan Moore (12) 28pts

Tuesday, Feb. 2, Eastern Star – Stableford

Div. 1

1st Bill Shepley (4) 33pts

2nd Neil Bramley (8) 31pts

3rd Andy Halsey (9) 31pts

Div. 2

1st Ian Hunt (17) 33pts

2nd Roger Wilkinson (14) 32pts

3rd Liam Horgan (14) 29pts

Thursday, Feb. 7, Phoenix Lake & Ocean – Stableford

Div. 1

1st Neil Bramley (9) 38pts

2nd Phil Cummins (10) 37pts

3rd Ito Akitoshi (8) 37pts

Div. 2

1st Mod Chaviraksa (13) 41pts

2nd Paddy Murphy (14) 38pts

3rd Neil Wilkinson (13) 36pts

Div. 3

1st Peter Poppleton (25) 39pts

2nd Min Moore (18) 38pts

3rd Yoshiya Ebina (19) 38pts

Friday, Feb. 8, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

Div. 1

1st Andy Mellett (5) 38pts

2nd Mike Rushant (10) 35pts

3rd Neil Bramley (8) 35pts

Div. 2

1st Ken Brehm (21) 38pts

2nd Ian Hunt (17) 37pts

3rd Marcus Malcolm (15) 37pts

It was a great week for Neil Bramley with a first, a second and two third places on quite difficult courses.  In fact at Treasure Hill on Monday with a field of 39 golfers (of which 20 were 10 or lower handicaps) 31 points won the day.

Eastern Star on Tuesday also proved tricky as usual with a top score of 33 points on the day.

Thursday at Phoenix saw mighty Mod Chaviraksa shoot her weight with 41 points at 41 kilos (wringing wet).

Mountain Shadow on Friday witnessed Andy Mellett shoot a division 1 winning 37 points off a handicap of five and Ken Brehm returned 38 points off 21 to win division 2.