Voller & Howett – the dynamic duo


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Feb. 4, Pattana – Stableford

Once again our regular monthly visit here and there were 3 ladies and 41 men out in four flights with the cut in the men’s divisions coming at 5-15, 16-20 and 21 plus.  We were allocated the C and A nines and although the course was fully booked we still teed-off bang on time.

The best score of the day came in division 1 from Chris Voller who won with 36 points.  Alan Pilkington placed second one point behind Chris and Martin Grimoldby took third with 34.

Charlie Charalambous topped division 3 standings after beating Chris Slota on a back nine count back of 19/16, both coming in with 35 points each, while Knut Soderhom was third seven points behind.

Chris Voller and Rodney Howett.Chris Voller and Rodney Howett.

Rudi Schaefer beat Howard Stanley 16/15 on another count back to win division 2 after they both came in with 32 points and Randy Flello was third just one point behind.

Near pins went to Don Head, Martin Grimoldby, Alan Maxwell, Alan Pilkington, Mark Armstrong, Jim Connelly, Randy Flello and Chris Slota.

Don Head birdied C2 and Matti Pihlajisto C7 to share the ‘2’s pot in division 1 while Jim Connelly got the only one in division 2 with a birdie on C2.

Wednesday, Feb. 6, Plutaluang – Stableford

Our usual choice of North and West nines had been altered today so we were playing the East and South courses for a change.  We enjoyed pleasant conditions with a cooling breeze and with around the same numbers as Monday there were three divisions with exactly the same cut as Pattana.

Some slightly higher scores than Monday with Lindsay Phillips winning division 1 with 39 points while Chris Voller beat Sid Crawley for second on a 17/16 count back after they both shot 37’s.

In division 2 Eiicha Matsumoto was king of the hill with 35points ahead of Tom Naughton in second on 34 and the French boy Jean Morel beat Curtis Hessler 17/13 to take third place with 32 points.

Andy Oz, also on a count back of 17/16, beat Knut Soderhom to win division 3 with 35 points and Gordon Everingham came third on 33.

Near were shared by Jerry McCarthy, Harry Vincenzi (2), Chris Voller, Tom Novak (2), Andy Oz and Willy Van Heetvelde.

Lindsay Phillips and Chris Voller both recorded ‘2’s in division 1 while a rollover ensued in division 2 to Khao Kheow the following Monday.

Friday, Feb. 8, Eastern Star – Stableford

Today we held an individual stableford competition for the ladies and three divisions for the men plus a pairs multiplier and there were also many other technical prizes to be won.  In the end we had a field of 60 so 30 pairs out for the multiplier.

Div. 1

1st Martin Grimoldby 36pts

2nd Chris Voller 35pts

3rd Sid Crawley 34pts

4th Alan Pilkington 34pts

5th Tony Oakes 33pts

Div. 2

1st Darryl Blair 32pts

2nd Frank Kelly 31pts

3rd Cully Monks 30pts

4th Jim Connelly 29pts

5th Howard Stanley 29pts

Div. 3

1st Rod Howett 35pts

2nd Yves Bosset 34pts

3rd Mike Fitzgerald 29pts

4th Mark Armstrong 29pts

5th Charlie Charalambous


1st Pranee Bosset 31pts

2nd Toi Blair 30pts

3rd Josie Monks 30pts

2’s:  Pete Sumner, Kit Parkington, Mike Fitzgerald

Nearest Pins:  Toi Blair, Tony Oakes, Alan Pilkington, Barry Stirling, Kari Aarnio, Terry Hopkins, Cully Monks and Howard Stanley.

Special Technical Awards:

2nd hole – Nearest the pin in two shots:  (Div 1) Alan Pilkington, (Div 2) Randy Flello, (Div 3) Glenn Martin.

8th hole – Nearest the pin in three shots: (Ladies) Toi Blair, (Div 1) Mikael Anderson, (Div 2) Frank Kelly, (Div 3) Gordon Everingham.

9th hole – Straightest drive:  (Ladies) Herma Fitzgerald, (Div 1) Mikael Anderson, (Div 2) MikeFitzgerald, (Div 3) Kjiell Lyshaughen.

12th hole – Nearest the pin in two shots:  (Div 1) Martin Grimoldby, (Div 2) Frank Kelly, (Div 3) Peter Davies.

16th hole – Nearest the pin in two shots:  (Div 1) Alan Pilkington, (Div 2) Darryl Blair, (Div 3) Glenn Martin.

18th hole – Longest drive:  (Ladies) Pranee Bosset, (Div 1) Jerry Sweetnam, (Div 2) Curtis Hessler, (Div 3) Gordon Everingham.

In the pairs-multiplier today the worst two scores in were 13 and 19, so there will be no names mentioned.  In third place with 56 points were Alan Pilkington and Walter Webber, while four points ahead of them in second position came the ex Marseilles air traffic controller and his Thai lady, Yves and Pranee Bosset, with 60 points.  The winners, both scoring 35 points in the individual competition were Chris Voller and Rod Howett with 69 points, and the scissors will be out this weekend.

It was a great competition with many prizes to be won courtesy of the Eastern Star rollover kitty and everyone enjoyed the day.