Rosaleen Garvey’s week

Bob, Stan & Rosaleen.
Bob, Stan & Rosaleen.

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya

Tuesday, Feb. 11 Mountain Shadow Stableford

On Tuesday 11th February 2020 we went with 4 groups to Mountain Shadow. The weather was very nice with a scattering of clouds, sun and a nice breeze. The course was as in quite good condition except the bunkers. The greens were good and fast. The fairways had many yellow spots and we had a good roll due to the drought.

Despite the conditions, the course was too challenging for top scores. At the end there were 3 players who were fighting for the winning score, but for the first time in our group we had a lady winner. Rosaleen Garvey was just better than the 3 following men. She won with 35 Stableford points. Second was Tim Knight with 34 Stableford points, beating Neil Harvey and Willem Lasonder on the count back.

The near pins went to George Gamble, Paddy Devereux and Stan Rees.

Thursday, February 13 Emerald Stableford

On Thursday the 13th February Emerald was our venue. It was again a nice and sunny day with a nice breeze. The course was in good condition with a good roll on the fairways.

We had an interesting battle between Stan Rees and Bob Edwards. Stan was just 1 Stableford point better on the front and back nine. He won with 38 points. Bob Edwards was second with 36 Stableford points. Rosaleen Garvey proved her consistent form with 35.

The near pins went to Dave Headington, Ty Anderson, and Bob Edwards.

Neil, Tim, Rosaleen & Willem.
Neil, Tim, Rosaleen & Willem.