Re: The future of Thai immigration policy somewhat clearer


I just read your article dealing with proposed immigration changes and adjustments.

The Thai Government is still on the wrong page if they think they will attract tourist interest to put up the amount of money required to get a special visa. One would think that Thailand is the only country in the world that foreign tourists are interested in visiting.

One item I must however agree with, and that is to encourage and offer proper incentives for long term staying tourists, like three to six months annually. That is of interest to me as I have been a long term staying tourist of six months annually. What is a serious negative is the requirement for medical insurance, which in my case is impossible to secure whether it be in Thailand or in my home country of Canada.

Although I am perfectly healthy and do not take any medication for physical ailments, I am nevertheless 83 years of age and medical insurance at my age is not available. Even if it was, the cost for six months would be unacceptable.

Let the Thai Government keep seeking for solutions because at the pace and direction there are going, I will never again come to Thailand for a long term stay and perhaps not wish to ever come again.

David Gordon
Montreal, Canada