Pattaya Bunker Boys’ October GOTM Jimmy Carr continues superb form


PSC Bunker Boys golf

Monday, November 2nd
Bangpakong Riverside Country Club, White tees

1st Jimmy Carr (19) 42 points

2nd Michael Brett (15) 36 points

3rd Myles Knowlson (12) 35 points.

Near pins Myles Knowlson, Geoff Parker, & Les Cobban

A beautiful sunny day for our first game of a new month at Bangpakong Riverside Country Club. As always the course was in superb order, it was not possible to find fault with its condition. Several of the water catchments were overflowing onto the fairways just a bit, anyone in the water on the edge of a lake was allowed to treat it as casual water and take a free drop.

Several complained about the caddies being too slow or not able to read putts, or generally disinterested, which is unusual for a higher quality course. There are those who always grumble anyway, so it’s hard to get a read on the true situation.

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October golfer of the month Jimmy Carr took up where he left off last Friday with a superb round of forty-two, no doubt his nineteen handicap will get a serious touch up for the rest of the week and not before time.

Jimmy Carr, 42 points at Bangpakong Riverside.

A mixed bag from Michael Brett saw him take second place with thirty-six points, a missed opportunity to post a better score. Myles Knowlson, who is making a habit of coming somewhere in the top three, was third for the second day in a row.

Near pins went to Myles, Geoff, and Les. Les, who had been in top form lately, had a traumatic trip to the course and was not in the right frame of mind to play, consequently had a shocker by his lofty standards.

Wednesday, November 4th Mountain Shadow Blue tees

1st Michael Brett (15) 30 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 30 points

3rd Tony Robbins (23) 26 points

Near pins Tony Robbins & Geoff Cox

The Mountain Shadow Course was in good condition for Wednesday’s game, except for the bunkers which had the usual holes and footprints from dogs. This seems to be a bigger problem at this course than any other on our roster. Another bright sunny day, we could be out of the wet season by now. Many of the water catchments previously empty are now at capacity.

A very disappointing day score-wise, with nobody able to master the course. Best scores of the day went to Jimmy Carr and Michael Brett on thirty points with the latter taking it on countback, nineteen on the back nine.

Tony Robbins took third with twenty-six points and seems to be working on his handicap in preparation for the club championship at the beginning of December. He has now blown out to twenty-three. Only two near pins going to Tony Robbins and Geoff Cox.

Steve Durey due back soon.

Today must have seen a record number of lost golf balls with at least three people going into the water on the approach to the sixth green. We will be hoping for a better all-round display on Friday at the more forgiving Greenwood course. It seems, like Treasure Hill, many seem to dislike Mountain Shadow and gave it a miss Wednesday.

On the medical front, we are pleased to report that after a protracted illness Steve Durey is on the mend and looking better and stronger every time we see him. He expects to be back on the course within weeks.

Our other recovering patient, The Brown Snake, is taking a different course in his recovery with what seems like two steps forward and one step back. We were hoping he would be fit for the Club Championship the first week of December, now it looks unlikely.


Friday, November 6th Greenwood B & C White tees

1st Geoff Parker (18) 33 points

2nd Tony Robbins (23) 33 points

3rd Bob Paine (22) 32 points

Nar pins Bob Paine

Greenwood is many people’s favorite course; however, Friday a few eyebrows were raised. The fairways were cut so tight it was difficult to get the club under the ball, and the rough was so deep and so thick that it was difficult to find a ball in there let alone play a shot. The greens were, however, excellent. A very strong breeze blew all day making conditions difficult with the resultant effect on scores which were generally below par.

Geoff Parker took first place with thirty-three points on countback from Tony Robbins with Bob Paine a stroke back in third place. A very bad day on the par threes with only one near pin taken going to Bob Paine.

We believe Les Cobban is still in rehab after his traumatic experience on Monday and is still on a diet of Valium sandwiches.

We are looking at the possibility of a final away trip for the year, this time to Bangkok to play some of the better courses on the Pattaya side of the city. Details of the courses and pricing are being worked on so as yet no firm details. Anybody interested should contact Tony Robbins.