Parker couldn’t miss a putt in Pattaya golf


PSC Bunker Boys Golf

Monday, September 7th
Pattana A & C

1st Michael Brett (16) 37 points

2nd Dave Ashman (20) 34 points

3rd Geoff Parker (18) 33 points

Near pins Jeff Crosthwaite, Jimmy Carr, Dave Ashman, & Michael Brett.

Pattana was the venue for the first game of the week. As is often the case at this course, ominous clouds hung in the sky, thunder rumbled all around, and the occasional flash of lightning was seen. Luckily, we were able to complete the round dry and in a very quick time as there were very few others on the course.

We were allocated the A & C nines, both of which were in excellent condition. However, a stiff breeze blew for most of the day and with increased intensity on the back nine.

Jeff Crostwaite, new Bunker Boy.

Scoring was at an acceptable level for this course. After a very poor start with only two points to show after three holes Michael Brett recovered well to take first place with thirty-seven points. Dave Ashman with a new swing, or should we say the resurrection of an old Ben Hogan swing, took second place on thirty-four with Geoff Parker a point further back in third. All the near pins were taken going to Dave Ashman, Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett, and our newest member Jeff Crosthwaite.

Wednesday, September 9th Greenwood A & B

1st Geoff Parker (18) 38 points

2nd Geoff Atwell (24) 33 points

3rd Michael Brett (16) 33 points

Near pins Geoff Parker.

Many people’s favorite course, Greenwood was the venue for our midweek game. A green/caddie fee using PSC vouchers made for good value at nine hundred and fifty baht. As usual, the course was in fine condition but a strong wind made play tricky, we are now in the middle of the windy season. Nobody else to be seen on the course so we had a casual speedy round.

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Geoff Parker had one of those days when he couldn’t miss a putt and took first place with a score of thirty-eight points. On the last par three, he putted from a meter off the green fifty feet straight in the hole for par, when it’s your day things like that happen.


Second place went to Geoff Atwell on thirty-three, edging out Michael Brett on countback. Only one near pin was taken going to Geoff Parker, so joy for the delinquent club.

Shot of the day went to Michael Brett who, using a hybrid out of a bunker one hundred and fifty yards out, put his ball to about four feet from the pin and duly sank the putt for a sandie birdie.

Friday, September 11 Burapha A & B

An all-in fee of twelve hundred and fifty baht lured the Bunker Boys to a course that we rarely play. The general consensus is that it is overpriced and overrated.

Today both the A & B nines were in good shape apart from some greens on the B nine that were in very poor shape. The rough was ferocious, it was difficult to find a ball in there let alone play out of it.

All was ok till the middle of the back nine when the heavens opened up and forced us to shelter for about thirty minutes. When the rain eased off, we recommenced play only for it to quickly bucket down again even heavier than before. The lightning was very close and scary and the course quickly became waterlogged so we had to abandon play for only the second time this year.

Tony Robbins and Geoff Parker were in a tussle for first place, and who knows how it might have ended. It’s difficult to abandon play when you are having a good round.


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