Loud bikes disturbing neighbors



I have lived in Pattaya for nearly 25 years, in the same apt, never have I noticed excessive noise from altered mufflers on motorbikes (until now).

Surely the police have taken note of it.

There are at least seven motorbikes that roar up and down Soi Buakhao. The worst one has no number plates on either the front or back; he roars along Soi Buakhao at around 7.30 in the morning and returns at about 8.15 at night. He delights in frightening people, even the Thais block their ears.

Another who should be stopped is the biker that makes his bike backfire as he slows down, and then grins broadly at his victims.

One cannot hear the TV or speak on the phone, it is drowned out by the noise of the bikes, which is even when the windows and door are closed.

Why cannot the police do something?