Jan Olav Aamlid awarded the Schive Medal by the Norwegian Numismatic Association

Jan Olav Aamlid sits proudly with his award-winning book “Siam Specimen Banknotes First Series” and a collection of his banknotes and coins. (Photo by Fridtjof Morten Jonassen)

Jan Olav Aamlid, world renowned numismatist and longtime resident of Pattaya was presented with the most distinguished Schive Medal by the Norwegian Numismatic Association in recognition of his book “Siam Specimen Banknotes First Series” published in Pattaya in December 2021.

On presenting the highly revered award on Nov 18, President Kjetil Kvist of the Schive Committee said, “Throughout a lifetime and counting, this year’s winner has had a living commitment to coins and banknotes. He has been particularly concerned with numismatics from his adopted fatherland, and is recognized as a resource person in the field.

Now this passionate interest has resulted in a book, a masterpiece, which has already received praise in the international numismatic media. With the “Siamese Specimen Banknotes First Series”, Jan Olav Aamlid has presented his unique collection of specimen banknotes from the first series of Thai banknotes. The book is fully illustrated with high-quality photos. He has benefited from unknown archival material and describes the series from conception to final notes in instructive detail.

It is extra funny that a Norwegian – and a member of NNF – contributes to that extent to another country’s numismatic cultural heritage.
The Schive committee unanimously awards Jan Olav Wilborn Aamlid the Schive medal in silver with miniature.”

The Schive medal was engraved by Halfdan Rui in 1947 with the portrait of Claudius Jacob Schive. Engraved on the back is “From the Norwegian Numismatic Association: Jan Olav Aamlid – For amateur scientific work. At right is a 15 mm miniature with a green ribbon.

The Schive medal is a reward medal for amateur numismatists founded by the Norwegian Numismatic Association (NNF) in February 1947. The Schive medal was a gift from medalist Halfdan Rui to the NNF with the aim of stimulating scientific work in the association.

NNF elects members to the Schive Committee at the general meeting. The committee consists of three members, and these can award the Schivemedaljen on the proposal of others or on their own. The medal is normally awarded at the association’s general meeting in March. In Norway, the medal is only awarded to members of NNF. It can also be awarded to foreigners for theses relating to Norwegian numismatics. The medal cannot be awarded to numismatists employed in research positions at, for example, museums and universities.

The Schive medal was engraved by Halfdan Rui in 1947, and the portrait of Claudius Jacob Schive is also modeled by Rui. The portrait is placed on the front, and around it is written: TOLDINSP. CLAUDIUS IACOB SCHIVE 1792-1878. On the back it says at the top: From the Norwegian Numismatic Association and at the bottom: For amateur scientific work. In between there is space to engrave the recipient’s name and the year of the award.

Kjetil Kvist President of the Norwegian Numismatic Association Schive Medal Committee proudly announces Jan Olav Aamlid as the winner of the Silver Schive Medal in Oslo.

The Schive medal is 35 mm in diameter and is awarded without a ribbon. The recipient receives a 15 mm miniature with a green ribbon, which is worn on all public holidays in associations as well as summer meetings and Christmas parties. The medal is normally awarded in silver and bronze, but may exceptionally be awarded in gold. No one has yet received the gold medal.

On receiving the most prestigious Schive medal, a delighted Jan Olav said, “I am humbled on receiving this most significant award. I am proud to be one of only 10 well-known numismatists in the world to receive this recognition.

I have dedicated most of my life researching about banknotes, coins and medals from all over the world. But my biggest passion is for Thai banknotes and coins. Hence, I wrote this first book “Siam Specimen Banknotes First Series” and am now doing research to write the second book to be called “Siam Specimen Banknotes Second Series”.

I am grateful to the Norwegian Numismatic Association for recognizing my work and thank them for presenting me with the illustrious Schive Medal. I also wish to thank my wife Mio and my two sons Kevin and Mathew for their support and trust in me, without which this achievement would not have been possible.”

Jan Olav Aamlid beams as he displays the newly printed collection of his “Siam Specimen Banknotes First Series” book “Hot off the Press” in Pattaya.