J Bar and Clansman take the plaudits at Sabines in Jomtien Bar Boss charity event

Pascal and Marc, the co-owners of Sabines who hosted the 7th holding of the Jomtien Bar Boss Charity Pool Event. As fate would have it, Pascal and Marc were drawn against each other in the 1st round with Pascal winning a very close match.

There was a new addition to the event with Sal of Angket joining Richmond Bar, J-Bar, Sabines, Clansman, Enjoy Paradise, Old Town, Champions. Hemmingways, Happy Bou and Welcome Lounge.

The 7th holding of the Jomtien Bar Boss Charity Pool Event was held at Sabines in Soi Bun Kanchana 4 on the 12th of February. It was good to see so many participants after the recent lockdown in what was another highly successful evening.

Welcome to Sal of Angket (left), seen here with Marc of Champions. Nice to see that Sal and Marc, alias D`Artagnan, are keeping the local hair stylists busy.

The ladies enjoying a pre-tournament refreshment courtesy of Jose Cuervo.

As for the pool, Karl of J Bar, who won the inaugural event, was back to his very best when he defeated Sal of Angket in the final. The other trophy winners were Billy of the Clansman, who won the losers section final when he defeated Marc of Sabines, and Kung of the Clansman who won the best lady trophy.

The trophy winners – Billy and Kung of the Clansman and Karl of J Bar. Also in picture is the competition compere, Paul of the Richmond. Donations would be most welcome to get Paul a pair of shorts!

Happy faces at Sabines for Jomtien Bar Boss Charity Pool night.

The Jomtien Bar Boss Charity Event is run in conjunction with the Richmond Charity Shop which is in Soi Welcome and is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 14.00 to 18.00. We are continually looking for clothes, toys, etc. with all proceeds going towards free food for the local population. The total raised now is 47,973 baht.

Once again, a hugely successful evening was had and special thanks should go to Pascal, Marc and the staff of Sabines for hosting the event.

A special mention should go to Paul of the Richmond who comperes all the events and keeps everything running smoothly.

The next event with be held on Friday, the 19th of February at the Clansman.