Helmut’s Hooligans win Billabong Monthly Scramble at Phoenix, Pattaya


PSC Golf from Billabong

Friday, August 28
Phoenix Gold
Monthly Scramble

The monthly scramble Friday at Phoenix Gold golf course which is in spectacular condition at present. With 8 teams playing and the course almost empty, the teams just cruised around.

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There were no funny moments reported and apart from some of the fantastic scores it really was a good day out. There was some conjecture regarding the way the handicaps are calculated, adding the handicaps together then taking 10 percent of that total as your handicap for the team, then with a minimum of 3 tee shots and a maximum of 5, is how we have played this tournament for as long as I can remember. But Friday it was mentioned that it favours the high handicaps not the low markers because you can’t have a handicap higher than the lowest marker, which was the main whinge. If someone out there can enlighten me with another system, please feel free to give me a call.

Now to the scores. The team of Andrew, Glyn, Mike and Gareth playing off 2 scored a gross 60 to have a net 58 to take 2nd place. If they added their handicaps together the handicap would have been 4.5 but as Andrew has a 2 handicap that was what they played off.


Now to the top spot – it was good to see these guys getting into the winners circle, as they are golfers that have played in this event from day one. Team Helmut’s Hooligans, i.e. Jeff North, Arch Armstrong, Graham Beaumont and their Captain Helmut Hebstriet playing off 5.1 scored 57.9. Well done fellas see you next month.