Yemeni boxer jumps to death in Chiang Mai


An unemployed Yemeni man who worked as a boxer for two years jumped to his death in Chiang Mai.

Chang Phueak police found the body of Ahmed al-Aidros, 23, five floors below his fifth-floor hotel room in Sriphum Subdistrict Friday night.

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Al-Aidros’ unidentified girlfriend told police he had lived in Chiang Mai for two years, but has not been able to earn enough money to live as a boxer due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She had just arrived in Chiang Mai from Phuket and the two had planned to visit Phrae on Saturday. On Aug. 28 she went to bed and she thought he had gone onto the balcony to smoke a cigarette. But when she got up to check on him, she found he had jumped, she told police.

The body was sent to Maharaj Nakhon Chiang Mai Hospital for a forensic examination and the Yemen consulate-general was notified.

A version of this story originally appeared in the Bangkok Herald.