Heart to Heart: Not another crackdown


Not another crackdown
Dear Hillary,
What do you feel about the ‘crack downs’ on the bars the BIB are running at present? Are they really trying to make Pattaya squeaky clean or is it some Thailand-wide money generating scheme? Or perhaps money laundering? I find it difficult to understand the logic (?) when they could stand on any street corner and fine all the riders with no helmets. 800 riders per hour at B. 400 per head is a tidy sum and it could go to saving somebody’s life.

Dear Amazed,
Don’t be amazed my Petal, Thailand society works in some strange ways which farangs do not understand. By stopping the motorcycles means less fuel is used, so the petro-giants will begin to hurt. And we don’t want that, do we?

Looking for the good girls again
Dear Hillary,
I notice that most of the letters you get are from farang males who are complaining about what has happened to them in the bar scene. Surely they must see that there is a big difference between that side of Pattaya and the other side? If they were only to look past the end of their noses they would appreciate that there are some truly wonderful girls out there. I have been married to my Thai wife for four years now and there has never been a “bad moment” in all that time. She is beautiful, intelligent (a qualified accountant) and caring. I do not have to change the locks on my doors or worry that my suits will be cut up. She does not need ropes of gold to hold her in the marriage, or motorcycles, or houses. We have a partnership and mutual trust. Why don’t some of these men look for the “good” girls?

Dear Gregor,
There may be lots of reasons. One may be that the supply of “wonderful girls” is much less than the demand, so the single males gravitate to the good-time girls, of which there is a more than adequate supply. Look after your wonderful wife and buy her plenty of chocolates (you can send the champagne to me, Hillary, c/o Pattaya Mail) and continue to build on your mutual trust. Bar scene farangs generally are not looking past the end of their noses – it is some other part of the anatomy.

Knowing too much
Dear Hillary,
I have been to Thailand 6 times, but unfortunately on my last visit, I actually got a “knock back” from a bar girl. As I have been so many times, and have a lot of Thai friends, I have picked up quite a bit of the Thai language. The reason for my “KB” was that I was a farang who spoke, not Thai very well, but Thai too much. Although my ego was shattered for all of twenty seconds, I pulled myself together and continued to enjoy my night out, and the rest of my stay. I have my next visit planned for Xmas/New Year, and you are very welcome to join me and my friends for an evening out, with guaranteed Champagne and unlimited chocolate. I love to read the Pattaya Mail from here in the UK, and maybe if you decide to accept my invitation, you could go to the bar in question, and politely tell the pretty young lady that she made a big mistake. I have a very good heart, but life is full of ups and downs.
Rocker and knocker

Dear Rocker and knocker,
Ooooh what a lovely man you are. Champagne and unlimited chocolates! What a shame it wasn’t chocolates and unlimited Champagne (French, vintage, of course) and I would have come immediately, my precious Petal. However, since you have been here 6 times already, you will no doubt realize that the chances of the pretty young lady still being in that particular bar are not high. Come to think of it, the chances of the ‘bar’ still being there are probably not all that good either. Just remember that there are plenty of other pebbles on the beach, and Hillary is sure you will have another wonderful time this year too. Keep learning Thai – as you have already found out, you can be surprised at what you can pick up – or how you can be dropped.

Shopping in Paradise
Dear Hillary,
The shopping for tourists is very good in Pattaya, with some excellent shopping centers and malls, but where do you go to find the true authentic local markets? While we are here for three months every year we would like to experience life from the Thai side, rather than from the tourist angle. Where do you suggest we go?

Dear Marj,
You are correct, Pattaya is a shoppers paradise, but it is becoming difficult if you are only looking from the Thai shoppers point of view. The next ‘big thing’ in Pattaya is the Terminus 21 center. This place is so big they even have a couple of planes sitting on the forecourt. Not small run-abouts either, but planes like a 777 for example. I am not sure if they will fly you home, but you can always ask. In the meantime, the Thepprasit market might be your best bet.