Heart to Heart: Let’s go!


Let’s go!
Dear Hillary,
I am thinking about making the relationship with my GF more permanent.  She has been hinting for a few weeks now.  We’ve been together for almost four months and seem to get along OK.  She used to come with me to the pub, but she would get bored as she doesn’t drink and then would make noises like “Let’s go.”  Other than that it’s been good.  My mates reckon she is too bossy, but I can handle it.  What do you think, Hillary?

Dear David,
Stand back from the situation, my PetalShe is pushing you into this permanent relationship and you are on the back foot, making excuses like Other than that its been good.”  If you were certain, you wouldnt be writing to me, would you?  Give it another eight months and see if she is still thereMy guess is that she will Lets goand look for someone else.

Rejuvenation classes
Dear Hillary,
Have you noticed that Thai women look much younger than they really are.  I have been caught out a few times with women that I thought were in their 20’s to find they have 20-year-old children.  What is the secret, Hillary?  Is this something they get shown at school or what?

Dear Gregg,
It is not taught at school, it just comes naturally40s?  I wish I looked just 40, but even though Ive been around the block a couple of times, I do get mistaken for somebody who is 50Goodness me, Petal, Ive got grandchildren and varicose veinsThe only thing we get taught at school is how to hold your hands together for formal photos.

As long as she’s 18?
Dear Hillary,
How important is the age difference between a Thai woman and a European man?  I’m not talking about 10-20 years year difference but 40-50 years.  She is in her 20’s and he is in his 60’s.  Can this really work.  One Thai woman I asked said it is good because the man will die early and she gets to spend all the money.  She also said that if they have a disagreement he will have a heart attack and she doesn’t have to put up with him anymore.

Dear Alfred,
Do I get this right?  You are actually thinking about setting up house with a 20 year old?  Festina lente (hasten slowly) as these can be troubled watersYes, I do know of couples with that age difference who are very happy, and I also know of couples with that age difference whose relationship has ended up in disasterPetal, there are many things to be consideredShe will want kids, while you had done all that 20 years ago and dont want or need toddlers round the houseShe will want to get some education and not be a housewife, while you did all that stuff years agoAnd what about the physical side of the relationship?  What you used to do all night now takes you all night to do.  Correct?  Without being specific, you will have to be very lucky to find a young woman willing to be your carer for the next 20 yearsVery luckyIn fact, extremely lucky.

Ursula Undress?
Dear Hillary,
I never thought of myself as a prude, but what do you think of the way these girls dress round here.  Or maybe I should have said “undress” round here.  Every day I see girls with dresses so short it barely covers their panties and when they go up escalators, nothing is left to the imagination.  While they dress like that, they are asking to be molested.  The boy is the one who gets in trouble, but it is these girls who taunt the boys with the sexy dresses that cause the trouble.  I reckon Weinstein was just being the everyday male blessed with a freely given opportunity.  I mean, would you go up to see some man in a hotel room?  And then crack on surprised when the man makes an advance?  Do you agree with me Hillary?

Dear Harves,
Im sorry, but while I agree some girls here dress in a very sexually alluring manner, but it is the girl who gets pregnant and is also in trouble. If the society accepts the dress code which worries you, it means the girlsparents have given their agreement.  I believe it is back to sex education for the boys and the girls.  I might also suggest you stop being an upskirt voyeur’.  You are not a prude you are a Dirty Old Man, as well as a Male Chauvinist Pig.

20K Tea Money
Dear Hillary,
One of the girls at work has told me that she wants to be a “pretty”, one of these girls in strange outfits that are seen at shows round the place.  She has to pay 20,000 baht to this go-between to get the job. This sounds like a con to me. What do you think?

Dear Charlie,
You are asking the wrong person, Petal. I didnt even get second prize in the beauty contest, they wouldnt even let me enter.  Finders fees are just another type of tea money’.  Of course they can only work for about five years if they are lucky.  Not my cup of tea (money)!