Garvey’s unbeatable at Treasure Hill

Rosaleen and Dan Garvey took home the treasure at Treasure Hill.
Rosaleen and Dan Garvey took home the treasure at Treasure Hill.

PSC Golf from Siam Country Resort Pattaya

On July 28th, we went to King’s Naga. It was some time ago when we last played there and we were pleasantly surprised about the condition of the course. We had some delay at the start due to a heavy shower, but after waiting 20 minutes we started and the course handled the water well. Except there was no roll on the balls in the fairway.

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Dave Smith and Dan Garvey finished first and second at King’s Naga.

The weather was threatening all day, but only a few raindrops fell at the turn and we kept dry. The greens were in good condition, but slow. The rough is really rough and you must not end up there.

Dave Smith continued his recent form and won with 37 Stableford points. Dan Garvey also played consistent and came second with 34 points.

The near pins were won by Dan Garvey, Dave Smith (2x) and Rosaleen Garvey.

Our venue for Thursday 30th July was Treasure Hill. The course was in good condition, but always difficult to play. The weather was cloudy, but we had no rain.

It turned out to be Garvey family day. They were not impressed by the difficulty of the course and played a consistent round. Rosaleen was the lady of the day and won with 34 stableford points. She kept husband Dan two shots behind in second with 32.

The near pins were shared by Rosaleen and Dan.