Four bands to watch out for in the next twelve months

Dirty Honey album cover.

All receiving 5 Stars

As rock music starts to saddle up again after almost two years of lockdown, we have many new bands ready to take up the mantle from their aging predecessors.

Written by Mott the Dog looking forward from the Darkside of Pattaya.

Dirty Honey

Dirty Honey are a fine example of this, led by vocalist Marc LaBelle and rip-roaring guitarist John Notto. The pair moved to Santa Monica in an attempt to break into the scene there. This was achieved by heavy gigging, headlining small clubs, and going out as support to play the larger arenas. Independently, they released an Extended Play CD which did very nicely but it’s only now with the release of their debut on a major label (Dirty Money 2021) that their true worth can be heard. Heavily influenced by Classic Bad Company, these guys have got the chops to go all the way. They are presently out on the road headlining medium-sized venues, putting the music out to the people.

Dirty Honey singing for food!

Dirty Honey smeared across the stage.

The Georgia Thunderbolts

Storming out of the Appalachian Mountains, U.S.A., come The Georgia Thunderbolts sweeping all the pretenders to the Southern Rock throne in their wake. These boys strut their stuff, although influenced by many of the fine bands that have tread the boards before them (Lynyrd Skynyrd). These boys kick on their own steam, chugging dual guitar action, solos physically attacking at every opportunity, a strong rhythm section and a vocalist that lives the spirit. These boys will soon be filling stadiums across the planet once the album Can We Get A Witness is heard.

Album cover to Can We Get A Witness – Georgia Thunderbolts.

These Georgia Thunderbolts live and breathe the life.

Black Roze

Crossing the pond, we have Black Roze. Some of the members of this band have been spreading themselves far too thin by playing with all sorts of other musicians and not concentrating on doing their own thing. That has now been put to rights with the release of their debut album, Spiritual Hell. It’s chock full of down ’n’ dirty, feisty rock music, as now they are being allowed out to continue their journey down that Rock ’n’ Roll Road. I promise you an emotional and exciting time. Out front is Vixen, a saucy temptress with a throat to match, whilst on lead guitar is Baz Roze, the pride of the county of Kent.

Vixen gets down.

Would you not like to party with Black Roze?

Spiritual Hell, an evocative album cover.

Cats in Space

Cats in Space have been with us since 2015, releasing four studio albums and a fine live album.

Recently, the Cats have been having technical difficulties with lead singer syndrome. A pantomime in itself, but finally the situation has been resolved in a definitive manner by the release of their fabulous Atlantis album, followed by the genius stroke of releasing a new Greatest Hits album, Diamonds, re-recording all the tracks with the superb Damien Edwards on vocals. The results have met with an overwhelmingly good response. A great way for a newbie to find out what the Cats are all about.

Diamonds – The Best of Cats in Space.

The band keeps an eye on their new frontman. No way are they losing Damien.

Cats in Space are ready to pounce.

The band play in the manner of some of the great pop-rock bands like Queen, Mott The Hoople, and T Rex. Now redefined, I expect them to be playing headline festival gigs by the end of next year.