Copeland by a Country Club Mile, Pattaya

Happy winner, Bill Copeland.
Happy winner, Bill Copeland.

PSC Links Golf Society

Wed. June 24 Khao Kheow A+B Stableford

We returned to Khao Kheow Country Club after a long absence, with 18 players keen to once again test themselves here, this time on the A and B nines.

The rain covers for the bags came out early but, even though cloud hung around throughout the round, they were never needed.

The course is in good condition with fairways well covered and the greens, as pretty much always here, running true and easy to putt on, if you are in form. The rough is not long but tough to get out of.

The procedures in place here for the covid-19 have apparently been eased and Wednesday the check-in was nice and easy, including a disinfecting ‘shower’.

At the start, carts were allowed to drive as far as the rough, but after about 4 or 5 holes the caddies had word that driving on fairways was okay.

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Bill Copeland has been playing a lot of golf and has been very consistent. His scores are usually around handicap or better.

Wednesday his 40 points left the rest of the field in his wake. Scoring for most wasn’t that easy, but Bill made it look easy and the Green Jacket was his to wear.

Walter Baechli hasn’t been able to travel the world lately, but he came to join us for this day and did very well to take second spot with 35 points and a couple of ‘near pins’

Another consistent golfer, Huw Phillips, an avid walker, had a good day out with 31 points for third place, and George Mueller didn’t think his score was great, but it was enough to get him fourth place.

Near Pins ‘A’ flight: Derek Phillips (x2), George Mueller, and Billy Buchanan.

Near Pins ‘B’ flight: Walter Baechli (x2), Wayne Peppernell. (One other pin unclaimed).

Winners at Khao Kheow

1st Place – Bill Copeland (10) – 40 pts

2nd Place – Walter Baechli (19) – 35 pts

3rd Place – Huw Phillips (13) – 31 pts

4th Place – George Mueller (13) – 30 pts

Best Front Nine (non winners) – Martin Patch – 17 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners) – Tony Browne – 16 pts

For most of the six weeks or so since golf restarted, we have seen very small numbers of players at most courses which has enabled us to play so-called ‘millionaire’s golf’.

Wednesday it seemed like back to the ‘old’ normal as we lined up behind a four ball with a five ball in front of them. Going was slow and, because we have been spoiled, there were some grumblings. However, under the current circumstances, this was probably a one off and all should return to ‘new’ normal again, at least until the tourists get back.

Back at the bar, a bite to eat, talk about the shots that should have been, and off home at an early hour.