Captain gets tough at Pattaya’s Green Valley


PSC Golf from Billabong

Wednesday, 22nd July Green Valley Stableford
Green Valley and the Captain was a little tough today making the players play as it lies. No relief unless from casual water, etc., and it reflected in the scoring with most in the 20-point range.

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It was a perfect day for golf, and apart from a small sun shower which lasted about 10 minutes, the day was great. There was some grumbling about the greens but you must realize that maintenance must be done from time to time and if it makes the course better which it surely must you have to put up with it. Apart from the greens everything else seemed ok.

The course was empty with the Billabong guys being most of the players there. Taking 3rd spot was Wayne Cotterell with 33 points. 2nd spot went to Sel Wegner with 34 points, and Eddy Beilby took the top spot with 35 points.

There was only one two coming from Sel Wegner.