Pattaya teachers trained on e-books, statistics


Sixty Pattaya teachers were given a glimpse of a possible future when they were introduced to electronic books and statistics at an Education Office seminar.

The April 4 workshop was the first of a half-dozen sessions that will train 375 teachers at Pattaya’s public schools on the use of e-books and a statistics package for social sciences. The training concludes April 27.

Local teachers learn how best to use eBooks in their classrooms. Local teachers learn how best to use eBooks in their classrooms.

Trainer Naphawan Sithprasert said this was the second year teachers were offered e-book training, but the first workshop to include the statistics package, which can be used to compute students’ average scores, evaluate questionnaires or for research, she said.

With companies such as Apple Inc. popularizing electronic textbooks and the Thai government pledging during the recent election campaign to equip students with tablet computers, the e-book training received an enthusiastic reception.

“I am delighted Pattaya is giving children’s educational development priority as today’s technological advances are rapidly making today’s children more interested in playing with computers than reading,” said Nirmol Kaew-inth, a teacher at Pattaya School No. 1. She said training teachers to use e-books will “help steer children back to reading, memorizing and learning faster.”