Bangkok Airways flights operates normally to Phuket


Bangkok Airways Head Office/ April 12, 2012at 06.30 hrs. – Bangkok Airways announced to operate normally to/from Phuket today. There will be 26 flights in total and expect to clear all stranded passengers within today by special flights. Flights information in/out of Phuket:

Bangkok-Phuket 9 flights (PG1283, PG271, PG275, PG1285, PG924, PG277, PG273, PG279 and PG220)

Phuket-Bangkok 8 flights (PG270, PG272, PG1286, PG276, PG907, PG278, PG274 and PG280)

Samui-Phuket 3 flights  (PG259, PG255 and PG257)

Phuket-Samui  3 flights (PG260, PG256 and PG258)

U-Tapao -Phuket 1 flight (PG281)

Phuket- U-Tapao 2 flights (PG252 and PG282)

Passenger, who has their travel itinerary to Phuket or Krabi during 11 – 12 April 2012, may contact Bangkok Airways Ticketing Office to re-book new flight with no additional charge. For more update information, please call 1771 or visit or follow [email protected]_airways.