Pattaya Mail staff ordained as monk


On Sunday April 24 Boonsiri Suansukh the head of graphic design department of Pattaya Mail Media Group was ordained as a monk at Wat Nongyai Temple.

Family members, friends and his colleagues attended the religious ceremony.

Boonsiri will become a monk for 15 days, he has been given a new name ‘Chotiparo’ which means ‘Bright Light’.

He wanted to pay his deepest respect and gratitude to his father and to his mother who had recently passed away and conveyed the good deeds or ‘Boon’ to the soul protectors.

The newly ordained BoonsiriThe newly ordained Phra Chotiparo

He wanted to also learn the Dharma and take the teachings to lead his life in a new and calmer way.

Boonsiri is 36 the only child to father Saiyud and mother Samran.

Boonsiri is a hard and dedicated worker who has worked with the Pattaya Mail Media Group for over 12 years. His superiors and colleagues hold him in high regard.

He has gone through each step of the religious ordaining process as a true devotee to Buddhism. The procedure began with hair cutting and robe dressing in the morning and food distribution at lunchtime with the other monks, his close relatives and beloved friends.