Gun-Totting Fugitive Turns Himself In


In the early hours of April the 26th a lawyer accompanied his clients, two Thai men to the Pattaya police station.

They had decided to turn themselves in as an arrest warrant had been issued for both of them after they had allegedly fought and killed a victim at pub on third road on Monday the 25th of April.

The lawyer explained to police that one of his clients seen a man speaking to his girlfriend and started a fist fight with him.

The other accused man drew his 9mm automatic pistol and fired off 3 rounds in an attempt to break up the fight, not meaning to harm anybody.

: The two men are questioned by the policeThe two men are questioned by the police

However the man who had been talking to the girl was caught in the line of fire and died from his injuries.

Police said 10 witnesses had given their statement to officers and added that the accused had the rights to refuse the accusation and appeal for justice in court.

Both were released on bail and will be scheduled to go to court at a later date.