Pattaya City Expats Club members go to the fair


Thirty Pattaya City Expats Club members and guests spent the evening of Tuesday, October 6, enjoying the Temple Fair at Wat Luang Pho Ei in Sattahip. The fair is held for one week every October to honor Pho Ei, the former monk for whom the temple is named.

Several PCEC members entered the temple to give a donation and make merit. They were honored to be given the opportunity to present sets of new robes to the monks.

The group marveled at the multitude of food and merchandise vendors and the uniquely Thai carnival rides and games. They also enjoyed a trio of traditional Thai outdoor performances: the Lakorn Rum, the Likay, and the Nang Talung.

PCEC members Gillian Kiltrick, Alba Rayton, John Rayton, Donna Westendorf, Mag Rittinghaus and John Moore present new robes to the monks at Wat Luang Pho Ei in Sattahip.

The Lakorn rum is the classic Thai dance that we usually see depicted on Thailand travel posters, typified by elaborate costumes and elegant choreography. The dances act out Thai fairy tales.

The Likay is a form of popular improv folk theatre performed by local troupes. It has been described as a combination of Saturday Night Live, a Las Vegas stage show, and a Thai soap opera. Several group members were even invited backstage to see the performers getting ready for the show.

Lakorn rum dancers act out a Thai fairy tale about a hunter and a deer.

Nang Talung is a form of shadow puppetry performance art from southern Thailand.

PCEC member Pat Koester, who organized the visit to the fair, said everyone enjoyed the opportunity to participate in such a purely Thai cultural event so much that she is already planning a fair visit for next October.

Likay performers at the Temple Fair.

PCEC members Napaporn Terayanon and Donna Westendorf take a look backstage while the Likay actors prepare for their performances.

Likay performers prepare for their performances.

PCEC members John Moore, Mag Rittinghaus, Donna Westendorf and John Rayton add their temple donations to the “money tree” Wat Luang Pho Ei in Sattahip.