Mantra meets the Cavern


Little did the Beatles know when they performed in Liverpool’s Cavern Club that they would once again star, but this time in Pattaya at the Amari’s Mantra restaurant.

In a very well thought through promotion, the Mantra was host to a Beatles tribute band called Beatlemania who thrilled the crowd with 45 numbers during the evening.  The entrance to the Mantra was suitably painted in red, white and blue, with a representation of the pedestrian crossing on Abbey Road leading to the entrance.  The Amari/Mantra staff all got into the promotion with Beatles T-shirts in Mantra as well as singing along with the music.


Aussie chef Leonard Faust also rose to the occasion with some dishes with an English flavor, such as a roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and an English matured cheddar cheese.  The first course (of five) was a sensational crispy prawn salad with avocado and Parmesan cheese, salmon caviar and winter truffle.  I was tempted to ask for four more courses of this one, but didn’t want to upset our chef!

But it was the Beatles, through Beatlemania, a quartet headed by local ex-pat Barry Upton (John Lennon) that was the main attraction as they smoothly performed the Beatles numbers, changing outfits from the suits (ordered by Brian Epstein) through to the psychedelic uniforms of Sergeant Pepper.

It certainly was tribute to the music of the Beatles, in that every table sang along with the numbers, and a table full of Thai women screamed at the correct points in the songs!

Last weekend it certainly was a great venue, great food and great music.  Talking with assistant general manager Richard Margo, there will be more promotions in 2014, so keep an eye on the Mantra happenings!

Abbey Road tel box.Abbey Road tel box.

Bar girl.Bar girl.

Beatles doorway.Beatles doorway.

Janet Smith.Janet Smith.