Jon Tellefsen


Jon Tellefsen was born in Hoevik Norway on March 18 1936.

He was the owner and CEO of X-Lager, a wholesale company located close to the Swedish border. His company had over 50 employees.

He was a champion firearms shooting competitor and won many world class awards. He served as the Vice President of the Norway Shooting Association and represented Norway at the 1968 Mexico Olympics.

Jon was a charter member of the Rotary Club of Fredrikstad Halden in Norway. He served as president in 1983-84. Moving to Pattaya, Jon joined the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya on September 9, 1994. He served as treasurer of the club for more than 10 years.

Jon Tellefsen 18 March 1936 - 20 August 2011 Jon Tellefsen 18 March 1936 – 20 August 2011

During his lifetime as a Rotarian, he played an integral part in the Road Safety Project which gave training to school children on how to drive safely and how to maintain their motorbikes and cars. He was seen at every Road Safety event on his hands and knees helping to put the bikes in shape.

Jon was also instrumental in a project where the Rotary Club sponsored two young handicapped Cambodians who had lost their legs to the curse of landmines in the border areas, to travel to Norway to the Handicamp Jamboree for the physically challenged.

For his dedication to service and immense sacrifices to the community Jon was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow in 2002. In all Jon served as a Rotarian for a total of 33 years.

His hobbies included cruising the fjords of Norway on his 28 ft. cabin cruiser. He loved to document aeroplanes and at one stage boasted of having more data than Jane’s Air Encyclopaedia. He was an avid collector of Wodehouse Books and was a big fan of Jeeves.

His sense of competitiveness was his trademark. Those who bowled or played pool with Jon or matched him at trivial pursuits soon found out he was always up to the challenge.

Since coming to Thailand Jon was always involved in projects, either with his favourite hobbies or with charity work.

Jon worked for more than 10 years as a volunteer for the Norwegian Seamans Church. He was also an active member of the Nordic Society and attended regular monthly meetings in Bangkok.

Jon liked to travel and made trips to Vietnam, India, Singapore and the Philippines.

For many years Jon hosted annual pool parties on his birthday, which were grand affairs serving Norwegian food and plenty of drinks.

In recent times Jon’s health began to deteriorate and he started to slow down. He had diabetes and had had heart by-pass surgery 10 years ago. He battled on bravely and tried to keep up with his responsibilities in the Rotary Club, but unfortunately fate took its course and Jon passed away last Saturday at noon.

I for one respect what Jon achieved in his lifetime both as a man and a Rotarian. I could go on for much longer highlighting the work the counselling and the help Jon gave to many Rotarians.

Jon, you did what you had to do and now you deserve to rest in peace.

God Bless you Jon.

Dennis Stark

Past President

Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya